Hey everyone!! Thank you so much to all my new followers, this is amazing ^_^. I just wanted to say how sorry I am that I haven’t been updating. Right now I’m kinda taking a break from anime plus school is getting really stressful so I probably still wont be posting for a while. That doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon this blog or anything I’m just going on…hiatus for a while. Please try to understand and enjoy my already made outfits. Thank you all again so much. 

Hello, I just wanted to say I think the outfits you put together are so cute and I absolutely love the little details you fit into them! :) I also like how you point what you like about them. I feel they reflect the characters and you in a great way! Hope you have a pleasant day!

Wow thank you so much, this has made me day!! I’m glad you like my outfits that I make ^_^ Hope you have an amazing day (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Sailor Mercury - Ami Mizuno

Second Sailor, Ami! I can’t wait to see her in the next episode. I really love her beautiful, smart character. I added her glasses and a nintendo as her hand held computer as well as a badge of her symbol with a silver bubble  blower for her powers. Hope you enjoy. 


Usagi Tsukino - Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Crystal…just…wow. My childhood has returned, I want to cry. So here is my gift to celebrate the new series. I tried to stay faithful to her sailor uniform rather and added things like star and moon jewellery and her circular hair pins. I also really like the circlet tiara and the little Luna down the bottom. Going to do the rest of the senshi soon. Hope you enjoy!


i was wondering if you could help me find something?! i cant submit pictures but i've been searching for ages for the perfect summery dress like they have in a lot of anime's- the kind with straps and then puffed off the shoulder tee length sleeves and then the rest of the dress is kind of smocked and flowy? i hope this makes sense aha xo! also an outfit idea would be Mei from Say I love You when she meets his sister for the first time.

hmmm I’m not really sure of the dress you’re talking about…can you give a character who wears one? and yes I’ll add Mei’s outfit ^-^

Wendy Marvell- Fairy Tail

As Requested- I’ve never really been into Fairy Tail but I do love the characters especially Wendy so I was really excited to get this request. It took a long time to find pieces that really fit the outfit so I hope I did ok. I really like the wing jewellery to symbolise her wind power and the dragon and blue stone ring. Plus had to add Carla there. Hope you enjoy. 


hii, could you do chibiusa/sailor chibi moon? :D

I definitely will but I was planning on releasing a sailor moon set on the day sailor moon crystal comes out (which I’m so excited for) :D sorry for the wait but there will be a chibiusa soon ^_^

Kirito- Sword Art Online

wow am I late with this one, I am so sorry. But anyway heres Kirito as requested. I really like his coat but I couldn’t find a good one so I used this trench coat instead though I still think it fits ok. I really like all the sword accessories and the pixel heart earrings. I also added the wedding rings and the ‘iloveyou’ necklace for his love for Asuna. Hope you enjoy. 


Haru Yoshioka- The Cat Returns

I’ve never actually seen The Cat Returns but it looks like such a cute movie so I’ll add it to my list of ghibli films to watch. Anyway her outfit was really hard because I just couldn’t find the right kind of shirt so i just went with this one and added lots and lots of cat accessories. I really like the toy baron. Hope you enjoy



Wow it has been so long since I’ve posted an outfit, I feel so bad. Thanks to all my followers, I love you so much!! I kinda got offtrack because I’ve become obsessed with kpop so anime was kinda paused for a bit…but I’ve decided I should probably resume making some outfits. Ones which have been requested are chobits, kirito, hell girl and nonon. Thank you so much for the requests and I’ll get around to them as soon as I can. And thank you so much once again for following and being so patient. (*^3^)ノ*♡